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Artist Statement

Utah native Kent Budge, earned a degree in photography and graphic design from Weber State University. A resident of Park City for 23 years and victim of wanderlust, he has traveled widely with camera in tow. Budge's career as a Creative director has strongly influenced how he sees life through the lens. He gained valuable working experience with advertising agencies, fellow artists and photographers to create corporate communications. His graphic design background is apparent in his photographic compositional awareness that combines subject, light, texture and color into a minimal but essential combination of elements that transforms and elevates everyday subject matter. It's a process of distillation of subject and space that distinguishes his photographic style.

"A camera is just another way of telling a story and like all good stories, point of view and composition are key". Ever present in observing ones surroundings, sometimes unexpected and serendipitous outcomes can occur. It is the pursuit of the capture without guarantee that makes photography rewarding. You know the Easter eggs are out there but you never know when you will find the next one.


2017 May - Point of View - Exhibition with Sparano + Mooney Architecture, Salt Lake City, UT

2014 November 21, - January 16, 2015 "Natural Order" Alice Gallery - Salt Lake City, UT

2013 March 15 - April 12, Utah Arts Festival Gallery "Signs and Scenes"

2012 April-May - Selected Works - District Gallery - Park City, UT

2011 November 25, - January 11, 2012 Kimball Art Center - Garage Gallery - Park City, UT

2007 September - Book tour - A Few Clicks Down the Road - Delfina Galleries - London, England

2007 October - Book tour - A Few Clicks Down the Road - New Museum 235 Bowery, New York, NY

2007 November - Book tour - A Few Clicks Down the Road - Gallery 291 San Francisco, CA


2009 Palm Springs Photo Festival slideshow selected for projection

2008 International Photography Book Now Competition Honorable mention A Few Clicks Down the Road

2006 International Photography Awards -IPA honors - Snow Covered Car Lot

2006 International Photography Awards -IPA honors - Sprinkler Play


2008 Coloring Outside the Lines by Kent Budge

2008 175 Photographers by George Cannon

2007 September JPG Magazine Issue 11 Fleeting

2007 November JPG Magazine Issue 12 Shadow Stepping

2007 A Few Clicks Down the Road by Kent Budge